June 23, 2022

Episode #328 - Kayla and Ken Bold (Nugs and Kenbo)

Episode #328 - Kayla and Ken Bold (Nugs and Kenbo)

A father and daughter hiking duo

Father and daughter hiking partners, Kayla and Ken Bold, came to the Appalachian Trail with Ken originally intending to hike just a section in support of his daughter. As often happens, those plans changed, and they headed north together as a team.

Each learned something about the other, with their familial bond strengthened along the way.

You can follow Nugs on Instagram at https://www.instagram.com/kayla.bold/

Our two catch-ups this week are with Trumpet and his dog FrankE, as well as with Katie Westling, who is filling in the miles she missed in her thru-hike attempt last year.

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