Sept. 1, 2022

Episode #337 - Ryan Leighton (Ken Burns)

Episode #337 - Ryan Leighton (Ken Burns)

Capturing the essence of the Appalachian Trail

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Ryan Leighton is our guest this week and, though not a thru-hiker, he has probably impacted more people with regard to long-distance hiking than many of our guests on the show. He produced a documentary movie–Walking Home–that followed the hike of a father and son duo, along with two other characters who intermittently entered the story.

But Ryan has always been a thrill seeker, and he shares his fascinating story of climbing Katahdin in the winter, a negotiating Knife's Edge with a reluctant friend, and spending time working on a nineteenth century whaling ship. You'll really enjoy meeting him.

As we said on the show, the documentary is free and available on YouTube, at It is so good and I hope that, if you haven't seen it, you give it a look.

Our Mighty Blue Class of 2022 has been drastically reduced over the summer, and we lost another member this week. Dom Tammaro sustained a hike-ending injury that made him reluctantly quit his journey for the time being. He intends to get back on the trail next year.

Our free-wheeling young member of the group, Dan Whitesides, or Trumpet, and his dog, FrankE, have had a fairly drama-free time–until this week, that is. Hear what's happened to Dan.

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