Jan. 12, 2023

Episode #356 - Julia Widmar (Stretcher)

Episode #356 - Julia Widmar (Stretcher)

Wise beyond her years

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We have one of our younger newly minted thru-hikers today. Julia Widmar was only 20 when she hit the trail last year, though she had learned so much in the previous five years as she looked forward to this journey of a lifetime.

Julia is an EMT nurse who was thoroughly prepared at Amicolola to take on the trail and, despite a three-week break in the middle, she pushed on to complete it in just over four months of trail time.

While she didn't blog or vlog herself, Julia wanted to share the blog and vlog of two of her trail friends who she met out there. Doubtless, Julia will be in some of those. For those of you who like to go down the YouTube rabbit hole, there's https://youtube.com/@ScritchsGoneWild, while trailnametales on Instagram tells the story of trail names. That's at https://www.instagram.com/trailnametales/

Chuck Faulkinberry is taking on the AT as a member of the Mighty Blue Class of 2023 by having a little twist to his hike. You can follow Chuck on his vlog, Polar Bear Treks, at https://www.youtube.com/@polarbeartreks

Doctor Lynne Savino returns to the show with some timely medical advice for our class–and others–heading onto the trail this year. She gives us her First Aid Kit list. I'll be adding this to the show notes NEXT week, so look out for that.

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