Feb. 1, 2018

Episode #72 - Paul Magnanti (Paul Mags)

Episode #72 - Paul Magnanti (Paul Mags)

Always outside

Paul Mags is a man who simply loves being outdoors. He has hiked many trails, completing the Triple Crown of the AT, the PCT, and the CDT, in 2006. He is often alone on these trips, loving the solitude. He manages his life to fit in with his hiking, referring to hiking as his passion. He is a keenly aware of the history of both the various trails and the environment through which they pass.

Paul's life isn't for everybody. Indeed, it is hard to imagine that many people would prioritize the outdoors ahead of personal relationships and family, but Paul has been able to do that while getting acceptance of his lifestyle from his family. He is, clearly, very happy with the choices that he has made.

In the intrerview, Paul spoke enthusiastically about his recent adventure across Utah. He mentioned two websites that listeners may wish to visit. Jamal Green has an excellent site, AcrossUtah, with some awesome pictures and videos, while another site by "Amy and James," called DoingMiles, has the same area along with plenty of other outdoor adventures to read about.

You can find Paul in a variety of ways. His website, which is extremely informative, is at PMags.com. He is also on Twitter and Instagram as PMagsco. He recently published a couple of books in the Quick and Dirty Hiking Guides series. If you are looking for the Kindle version, you can find them on Amazon.

Clay Bonnyman Evans' reflections of the Colorado Trail opened Steve's eyes to the possibility that this is (at least in part) a possibility for him in the future.

Don't forget to listen in on our latest adventure in Returning to Katahdin. Bruce is just four weeks out from his departure and Steve and Bruce discuss food, cooking, and water arrangements. Of course, on the subject of food, please make sure that you check out our sponsor's website, Trailtopia.com.