April 12, 2018

Episode #82 - Daniel White (The Blackalachian)

Episode #82 - Daniel White (The Blackalachian)

A man's lived experience

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Daniel White is something of a rarity on the Appalachian Trail. Black people are unrepresented on hiking trails and Daniel provides us with, perhaps, some of the unhappy reasons for that underrepresentation. He hiked in 2017 and found the trail to be an unexpected source of love and light.

Daniel and Steve discuss what it feels like for a young black man to "go into the woods" and Daniel has a few stories to share that would be unlikely to be part of a white man's experience. As with most hikers, the trail was transformative for him and he has plans for further adventures.

You can find out more about Daniel and connect with him on Facebook and Instagram at The Blackalachian. His YouTube channel can also be found at The Blackalachian. 

Sue Jeffery (Steve mistakenly refers to her as "Jefferies") has a wonderful tale about the Sheltowee Trace National Recreation Trail. Sue and her three youngest children hiked the entire 319 miles of the trail in June 2017. Her photo journal is highly recommended and can be found here. https://spark.adobe.com/page/GS0DpO1Z0ibhO/

Additionally, the Sheltowee Trace Association Facebook page is an excellent resource for more information and pictures of the trail.

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