April 26, 2018

Episode #84 - James Smyle (Mayhem)

Episode #84 - James Smyle (Mayhem)

Flip Flopping Mayhem

This weekend, April 28 and 29, the Flip Flop Festival will be held in the adjoining towns of Harpers Ferry and Bolivar, partly to celebrate the beginning of the outdoor season in Harpers Ferry but, more significantly, it is actively promoting flip-flop hikes as a viable, responsible approach to hiking the Appalachian Trail.

James Smyle earned the name of Mayhem when he did his first thru-hike, back in the 90s, but the more laid back Mayhem went again in 2016, this time as a flip-flopper. He tells us about his hikes, though the conversation is geared towards his role as Chair of the Flip Flop Festival.

You should check out the festival at FlipFlopFestival.org

James and Steve discuss the attractions of this alternate route, comparing and contrasting the two hikes that James has taken. Mighty Blue on the Appalachian Trail is a strong proponent of the flip-flop as a concept but less happy about the name!! We encourage listeners to submit ideas for a change of name and will share the entries with James and the ATC.

Jessa and an old favorite–"If I did It Again"–return to the show, as Jessa reflects upon differences that she would make to her hike if she were to do it again.

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