June 28, 2018

Episode #93 - George Andrews (Tin Man)

Episode #93 - George Andrews (Tin Man)

AWOL has gone AWOL

George Andrews has a deep love of hikers and hiking so, when he retired, he wanted to involve himself in the community. He had always been keen to keep the weight of his pack and everything in it as low as possible, so this led him to start a company in that field, AntiGravityGear. He refers to himself as a "tinkerer," teaching himself to sew and make gear for hikers since 2003.

He has spent time on the John Muir Trail, The Camino in Spain and, of course, the Appalachian Trail. An AT thru-hike still figures high on his bucket list.

He has been a friend for many years of David Miller, the AWOL in the AWOL Guide and, when David decided to concentrate on his writing, George assumed responsibility for the guide.

You can find out more about AntiGravityGear on their website at http://antigravitygear.com/. They can also be found on Facebook and Instagram under antigravitygear.

For the AT guide, go to theatguide.com or Facebook and Instagram under theatguide.

If you're interested in nominating for the Best of The AT, just head over to https://www.instagram.com/theatguide/.

Kyle Bock gave us an entertaining list of changes he might make were he ever to hike the AT again, and Steve read Chapter Five of "The Year We Seized The Day.

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