July 5, 2018

Episode #94 - Mike Piatt (Grinder)

Episode #94 - Mike Piatt (Grinder)

A well-traveled man

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Mike Piatt is a LASH, which is an acronym that Mike will explain in the show. He is shortly to complete his third full thru-hike of the Appalachian Trail, done in 500-1000 mile sections over the years.

He is a very sociable guy, relishing his encounters with a wide variety of hikers and tells many stories of his adventures over the years. He doesn't look like he intends to slow down anytime soon.

You can email Mike at piatt512@centurylink.net if you'd like to ask him any questions about his hike or the AT in general. I'm guessing that anything you have to ask, Mike will have an answer. He can also be found on Facebook at Michael.Piatt.1614.

Spielberg, or Craig McPherson, was this week's guest in "If I Did It Again." Craig's video is so worth another watch if, like me, you've already seen it at least 50 times. Here is the YouTube link. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hT8ZMp8Ec7U

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