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I've been camping and spending most of my time in the woods since the 70's. Most of that time spent in the woods was where we lived or in the Shawnee National forest. I was a boy scout and became an Eagle Scout in 1983 . I joined the Army in 1987 and got the chance to travel around the world. Over that wide span I was able to experience the evolution of the gear that is used in the outdoors as well as build on my experience by living and working in a wide variety of environments from the cold of northern Europe to the hot dry environment of the middle east and the jungles of central America.
I've done tent camping , tarp camping , buschcraft and a lots of survival training and experience. Even with the experience I have, I'm always trying to learn more. So with the eagerness to learn coupled with injuries making it hard to sleep on the ground I dove into hammock camping in 2018. That makes me a relative newbie to hammocks but I draw from my experience of spending my life in the woods and seeing what gear works and what doesn't and why most gear fails and learning from people with more experience than I have to try to make the best gear available.

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Episode #5 - Dan McNeill (MCN Hammocks)

Sept. 23, 2022

This week we have Dan McNeill from MCN Hammocks join us on the podcast. Dan has been camping and spending most of his time in the woods since the 70's. In 1987 he joined the army and got to travel around the world. Over that…