May 25, 2021

Episode #105 - Miranda Peterson (Namaste in Nature)

Episode #105 - Miranda Peterson (Namaste in Nature)

Hiking, Yoga, and Nature

Miranda Peterson was burnt out from a successful, yet stressful, corporate career, ending a toxic long-term relationship, and struggling with an autoimmune disease when she quit her job in 2015.

She spent the rest of that year living out of a backpack while:
• completing her yoga teacher training in India
• meditating with Buddhist monks in Thailand/Myanmar
• hiking through the Himalayas, Alps, and Andes mountains.

After that, she felt drawn to Asheville, NC; about an hour from where she grew up. Because she personally experienced so much health, healing, and happiness through yoga, meditation and nature, she created a similar experience for others to enjoy.

In 2017, she started experimenting by herself with one trail and a handful of adventurous guests, and is now so grateful that the business has grown to become a team of incredible local women who guide hundreds of guests each year to connect with their bodies, minds, and these ancient Appalachian mountains.

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