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Upbeat podcast

Anna aka Mudbutt is a fun host. I look forward to each week!

For guys too!!!

I’m a guy and I love this podcast. Anna has great guests and is always so uplifting!! Content is excellent and encouraging, great job Anna!!!!

Trail Dame Kim Weller, first solo

I love this podcast, Trail Dames, it is fun to listen to. This episode with Kim telling about her first solo hike is fabulous! I think it shows/exudes why Anna H. is doing this podcast. Kim went from ‘maybe I can do this’ to ‘yes! I CAN do this and so can you!’

Class act!

Anna is a true pioneer in a space traditionally held by an eclectic group. She is a true world changer.


This is a great podcast! I’m looking forward to hearing more! :-)

This is awesome!

Carla Robertson is a class act and I so enjoyed talking to her!!! I can’t wait to see where this podcast goes!!!