June 29, 2021

Episode #110 - 5th Tuesday-Ankle Health and Hiking with Lindsay Wenndt of Break Free Fitness

Episode #110 - 5th Tuesday-Ankle Health and Hiking with Lindsay Wenndt of Break Free Fitness

Talking Joints

Lindsay Wenndt is a nationally certified health coach and fitness instructor, with specialty certifications in weight management and orthopedic health (a.k.a. joint pain). She’s the founder of Break Free Fitness, a curvy women’s health and fitness company that reserves 10% of its membership and coaching packages as scholarships for low-income women.

Lindsay has taught more than 10,000 classes to women on topics such as reversing arthritis, exercise modifications for curvy women, and staying healthy while aging. You can find her at lindsaywenndt.com or strolling the streets of Atlanta hunting for historic houses to restore, practicing German long-sword fighting, or curled up on her sofa with her two cats reading the newest Sarah J. Maas novel.

Guest Links-
Lindsay's Site- https://lindsaywenndt.com

Lindsay on YouTube- https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCw7qh9WCEXqsh-2Kwvn8Y9A

Lindsay's Freebie- https://lindsaywenndt.com/opt-in

Pain Free Feet and Ankles Program - https://lindsaywenndt.com/pain-free-feet-and-ankles

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