July 13, 2021

Episode #112 Lagniappe - Gear Talk with Tanya Bowers-Dean

Episode #112 Lagniappe - Gear Talk with Tanya Bowers-Dean

Sleeping Bags

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Tanya Bowers-Dean is an enthusiastic if extremely slow hiker and backpacker whose trail name is Caboose. She started hiking and backpacking about 6 years ago and is taking on small sections of the Appalachian Trail in hopes of completing it before she turns 100. She loves gear and talking about gear, but tries not to annoy others by going on and on about it.

In her life off the trail, Tanya is an Executive Assistant in the Marketing department of an Atlanta-based technology company. She also loves playing games like Dungeons & Dragons and other geeky activities. Tanya is a bisexual person who has been married to her loving husband Richard for 25 years. She has two grown children, two dogs and two cats.

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