Sept. 7, 2021

Episode #120 - Colleen Drake #2 (a Trail Dames story)

Episode #120 - Colleen Drake #2 (a Trail Dames story)

The New and Improved First Aid Kit

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Growing up in the northwest in a family that camped every summer, Colleen Drake, also known as Teacup, has been hiking since she was old enough to walk, well over sixty years. Her hiking accomplishments include the Wonderland Trail around Mt. Rainier, the Washington section of the PCT, most of the Washington section of the PNT, the southern Oregon section of the PCT, the Wind River Mountains and Bighorns of Wyoming, many of the National Parks of the southwest, and all the trails of Olympic National Park.

She now makes her home in the Okanogan Highlands of northeastern Washington, where she continues to hike, write, and sip tea in beautiful places. Her trail name, Teacup, comes from the oldest piece of equipment in her pack, a green plastic teacup. which has accompanied her on all of her adventures.

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