Aug. 11, 2020

Episode #64 -Tami Brooks (Part 2)

Episode #64 -Tami Brooks (Part 2)

Into the Grand Canyon

When we left Tami two weeks ago, she was about to head down into the Canyon. Let's find out how it turned out.

In 2016, with zero outdoor experience, Tami Brooks decided to hike the Grand Canyon. Aided by a Google search bar and a glass of Cabernet, she made reservations and embarked on a life-changing year reclaiming her life one step at a time. Brooks now works as a freelance travel and lifestyle writer and is currently writing a book about her experience.

She is also the creator of the 52 Weeks 52 Hikes online community. When she's not on the trail or in her kayak, you can find her on the deck plotting her next adventure.

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