Dec. 22, 2020

Episode #83 - Kathy Sibbald (Bionic Woman 2B)

Episode #83 - Kathy Sibbald (Bionic Woman 2B)

Persevering Against the Odds

Kathy Sibbald is 60 years old and originally from NW Pennsylvania. She has lived in Baltimore, Maryland for the last 30 years where she works as a paralegal and law office manager.
Kathy is an empty nester with two adult daughters and a 13-year-old dog who, despite her age, still loves to hike. An animal lover, she also has two cats....who do not hike. :)

Kathy loves solo hiking and camping, as well as hiking with others, and throughout the last few years, has overcome a myriad of physical problems. Illness, injury, and excess weight all contrived to keep her off the trail, but Kathy wouldn't let that happen. She has overcome many of her challenges and continues to face the rest of them with fierceness and strength!

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