March 9, 2021

Episode #94 Lagniappe - "630 Miles Braver" by Zoe Langley-Wathen

Episode #94 Lagniappe - "630 Miles Braver" by Zoe Langley-Wathen

from The Biggest Book of Yes

Zoe describes herself as a mid-life blogger, speaker, and adventure seeker. She set off to walk the UK's longest national trail in 2011–solo–and soon realised that despite her many fears of going alone or not being fit enough, she had, in fact, left it way too long.

Realising that many women experience the same anxieties and doubts as her, Zoe is now on a mission to encourage more women to head out of their comfort zone and do something that scares them every day.

Zoe has written about her first 630 miles, solo adventure in her co-authored book, The Biggest Book of Yes, which launched on 1st August.
e-Book and print copies are available from Amazon

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