March 30, 2021

Episode #97 - Gear Gab with Judy Gross of Lightheart Gear

Episode #97 - Gear Gab with Judy Gross of Lightheart Gear

All about Tents

Judy “HeartFire” Gross is the owner of LightHeart Gear. She lives in the Beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains of Western North Carolina (a few feet south of the city of Asheville).

Judy has been making tents and other ultralight backpacking gear since 2009. She started out just planning on making a tent for herself, but a friend suggested she make kits and sell them. ‘After all, hikers like to make their own gear’. Well, she decided to make the tent and sell it- and thus a business was born. Now her business is a thriving hub of outdoor gear, along with clothing for women.

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