Nov. 13, 2021

Hiker Safety (The 10 Essentials)

Hiker Safety (The 10 Essentials)
Recently out on a day hike on the Mountains To Sea Trail at Stone Mountain State Park I started thinking about hiker safety and stopped on the trail to see if anyone had a Hiker Safety account on Instagram. I was surprised to see the account was open for the taking so I started a new page right there on the trail!
If you've been listening to the podcast for a while you know hiker safety is very important to me and carrying the 10 Essentials on every hike whether it's a day hike, section hike, or long distance hike is crucial.
So I started the @hikersafety account over on Instagram and reached out to my friend Paul Collins to see if he would help me with a logo and he did! I think it turned out great! Thank you Skunkape!
The purpose of the page is to share information about Hiker Safety and to feature those that are doing the same. We have a Motto, Action plan, and website. I was also shocked to see the google domain open for hiker safety as well. Well I snagged the domain name up and here we go!
I hope you will join us in spreading the word about hiker safety and carrying the 10 Essentials on every hike! Tag us @hikersafety over on Instagram and use the hashtag #hikersafety to promote safety out on the trails.
Motto: Be Safe Out There!
Action: Prepare | Practice | Promote
Prepare | Practice | Promote
The 10 Essentials (The Mountaineers Club):
Sun protection
First aid
Extra food
Extra water
Extra clothes