Nov. 16, 2021

Why Hiker Safety?

Why Hiker Safety?

Why did I start a Hiker Safety Instagram Account and Hiker Safety website? 

Back in 2016 a close family friend went missing on the PCT.  Kris “Sherpa” Fowler set out like most of us that go on long distance hikes to achieve a dream and see parts of our country you can only get to by foot!  He loved taking photos on the PCT and was thoroughly enjoying his journey.  “Sherpa” made it to the White Pass area of Washington on the PCT and is still missing.  

I was that hiker who thought nothing could happen to me, and the one who carried minimal supplies because I was worried about the “weight”.  I carried a SPOT device because my family insisted, but was really against it because I thought it was “taking away from my wilderness experience”.

I think about Kris “Sherpa” Fowler daily and want to make sure I can help educate as many people as possible why we SHOULD be safe in the backcountry and why we SHOULD carry the #10essentials.  My hope is that anyone who reads this wants to do the same thing!  

So many people post on YouTube their “gear lists” and why they’ve chosen their particular brand of gear!  I’ve done the same thing!  I hope people will make videos and share about their #10essentials and why it’s important they carry those #10essentials.   

More information can be found about Kris “Sherpa” Fowler by going to the Fowler-O’Sullivan Foundation website. 

Please tag us @hikersafety to share how you are being safe on your own hikes and use the hashtag #hikersafety

Be Safe Out There!


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Sun protection
First aid
Extra food
Extra water
Extra clothes

11th Essential - The Trash Bag!

12th Essential - Proper Mindset