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Carol and Debbie met on a women's Facebook hiking group in December of 2018. After a quick meet and greet at a coffee shop and a couple of short, local hikes, they decided to embark on the PCT together. Quickly realizing that they were too slow to be able to thru-hike in one year, they settled into a relaxed pace enabling them to fully absorb all of the beauty and wonder the trail had to offer. Not conforming to any preconceived ideals they skipped around hitting different sections of trail when they were at their best and optimizing each section to it's fullest. They hiked about 800 miles in 2019 starting at the southern terminus, covering most of Southern California and 300 miles of Oregon.

Thwarted in 2020 by Covid, they only were able to complete 162 miles. However, they made big gains in 2021 managing to cover 700 miles including the Sierras. So far together they have hiked 1662 miles of the 2650 total PCT and plan to finish the remaining miles this year.

Jester's Class Of 2022 Section Hikers

Episode #124 - Carol (Late Bloom Hiker) & Debbie (Wrinkled Wanderer)

May 14, 2022

Jester introduces us this week to section hikers Carol Chirpich and Debbie Shiffer. Carol and Debbie have section hiking plans this year on the Continental Divide Trail and Pacific Crest Trail.