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Sarah Chappell

Bakery Owner/Singer/Songwriter/Forest Dweller/Mom

Sarah Chappell AKA Troubadour is a busy woman. A mom of two girls, Nanny to a third, and the owner of a happily successful home bakery business. She enjoys singing, playing her mountain dulcimer, and writing songs about the trail. Troubadour hikes for a few reasons… To reconnect with wild places, to get reacquainted with her self, and to test her limits, so she can grow stronger. The Appalachian Trail is her favorite. Each summer since 2019, she has embarked on long section hikes, between 100-200 miles, along one of the oldest mountain ranges in the world. She sings to the mountains, forages mushrooms, and learns the history of the people and the places she walks through. She has about 500 miles under her belt. She is often joined by her husband, The Wandering Scot. This year, she is going solo. You can follow her adventures, life lessons, and songs, on YouTube and Instagram at “Troubadour Outdoors.”

Jester's Class Of 2022 Section Hikers

Episode #128 - Sarah Chappell (Troubadour)

June 11, 2022

Musician, Baker, Nanny, Mom, and Appalachian Trail Section Hiker, Sarah Chappell or also known as Troubadour joins Jester's Class of 2022 Section Hikers.