Jan. 8, 2018

Episode #10 - Lonesome Hiker Discs

Episode #10 - Lonesome Hiker Discs

NOT a desert island

The premise for this week's show mirrors a popular show in the UK for the past 75 years. Bruce has chosen just eight "discs" to take with him on his journey. Limiting himself to just eight was a real challenge. So much so that he came up with a list of 24. This man is REALLY thorough!!

We also had a question from Judy Mikesell. Make sure that you send my your address, Judy, so that Trailtopia can send you a couple of their delicious meals.

Don't forget to keep sending in questions for Bruce and make sure that you check out Trailtopia's site so that you can even make your choice.

If you'd like to learn more about Bruce and his hike, visit ReturningToKatahdin.com