July 16, 2018

Episode #37 - Week Twenty

Episode #37 - Week Twenty

Those Banana Pudding moments

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This past week, Bruce put up a post on his blog that, for the first time, revealed some of the insecurities that can come with a long-distance hike. While we spoke about his latest progress on the trail–he has just passed Mile 1600–we also looked at that "Banana Pudding" moment that almost derailed his hike. The post can be found at this link.


When I asked him if he would have made any changes to his preparation for the hike, he mentioned that he had changed his camp shoes to Hounds, a Crocs knockoff. They can be found here. He did say that they were $9 but these are $14. Either way, it seems like a deal to me.


With New Hampshire and Maine just over the horizon, I also promised to add a link to my own experiences in those glorious states. I hope that you love the music.


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