Nov. 27, 2017

Episode #4 - Preparation

Episode #4 - Preparation

Details, details.

Bruce and Steve discuss the various aspects of Bruce's preparation for his 2018 thru-hike. They consider whether or not the challenge is more mental or more physical. Bruce explains how he has been preparing for both aspects.

While Steve had limited preparation for his hike, the two of them talk about how proper preparation can enhance the experience. They both get a kick out of listener Barb Oelschlegal's question about how Bruce's wife will spend her time while he is away.

Ultimately, both agree that it is how one responds to the multiplicity  of challenges on the trail that will go a long way to determining the ultimate success or failure of a long-distance hike.

With just 90 days to go, Bruce is also struggling to comtain his excitement about his adventure. The countdown has begun! To read more about Bruce, his hike and his fund-raising, go to his RTK website.

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