Aug. 13, 2018

Episode #41 - Week Twenty Four

Episode #41 - Week Twenty Four

Brothers in Arms

Bruce is in the last state–Maine. He has already gone through the Mahoosuc Notch, a kind of rocky jigsaw puzzle, where you work out the best route as you move through it. The pictures in these notes are taken by Bruce and feature his two hiking compadres, Gbolt and Recon.

He felt the need to hike with other people, partly out of safety reasons but also because he wanted to share his hike with other people. Many hikers team up with a trail family, or "tramily," for the majority of their journey but Bruce has rarely hiked with others for more than a day. He intentionally considered and prayed for hiking partners and he met and teamed up with his current friends the following day. He speaks about his faith and how it has helped him on the trip.

Shout out to Jeff and Tracy for sharing their home with Bruce and other hikers simply out of the goodness in their hearts and their fascination with the stories from the trail.

Also, thanks to GBolt for asking Bruce his question. He's already sent his address to receive his two Trailtopia meals

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