Nov. 13, 2017

Episode #2 - Why NOBO, why February?

Episode #2 - Why NOBO, why February?

Decisions, decisions

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This week, Bruce and Steve talk about two of the most fundamental decisions for all hikers. Which direction do I want to go and, once that is resolved, when do I wish to leave.

Bruce has some thoughful answers to these questions and shows that his preparation has been thorough and logical. He considered a SOBO hike and a flip flop, yet he'll be taking the most-travelled path–from Springer Mountain in Georgia and ending half a year later at Mt Katahdin in Maine.

He even validates his choice of late February as a start date, much to Steve's bemusement.

Please join us again next week, when we discuss the theme of the title of the show: Returning to Katahdin.

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