Oct. 1, 2018

Episode #45 - Four weeks later

Episode #45 - Four weeks later

The wrap up

We always planned to have this final episode, so it was great to catch up with Bruce in such good spirits after his epic journey. He'd been home for a month and was starting to absorb what he'd done, yet his stresses from "normal" life were piling up once more.

We spoke about what he'd learned and how he felt after his journey, with some words from Cheryl to give another perspective.

I couldn't be happier that we followed Bruce. Like Jessa, last year, he was an interesting person who articulated the ups and downs of life on the trail. Also like Jessa, he had had moments of doubt that needed to be overcome.

We're now two for two. Let's hope that I can make it three for three next year.

Thanks for listening. Your support has meant a lot to both of us.