Jan. 22, 2018

Episode #12 - The Winter Supplement

Episode #12 - The Winter Supplement


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Bruce's planning has included the very real possibility, indeed certainty, that he will face some extreme weather by heading out so early. To that end, he has built a Winter Supplement that brings in certain items that will later be changed when the warmer weather arrives. You can see his Winter Supplement at this Geargram link


We discuss the various items and I weigh in on the subject with a number of my experiences in the cold in 2014.

Elizabeth McDonough provided Bruce with trhis week's question so, Elizabeth, send me your address to steve@mightyblueontheat.com.

Don't forget, if you want to support Bruce's hike with a donation to the ATC, his website, ReturningToKatahdin.com, has all the details you need. Once you get there, click on Support and you'll be there. Otherwise, you can simply click here to be taken directly to the support page, then click on the large ATC sign to donate.

Next week, we'll be talking food and resupply. Talking of food, don't forget to look at Trailtopia's site for their delicious array of adventure food.