Jan. 29, 2018

Episode #13 - Food and Resupply

Episode #13 - Food and Resupply

Food, Glorious Food

With everything coming together, Steve and Bruce turn their attention to the supply, resupply, and the delivery systems that Bruce will take with him with regard to food.

He will be receiving packages from home at intervals and decide once he gets to his home state of Virginia whether or not he wants to continue the practice. There are plenty of places to come off the trai, so resupply in towns is a very viable option.

Bruce has brought his attention to detail to his selection of items for cooking and filtering his water. His choice of stove is the MSR Reactor, shown below.

The almost ubiquitous filtration system is the Sawyer Squeeze. I had one for my hike and, paired with a "Smart" water bottle, it is the most efficient way of quickly getting clean water from a stream (or a pond) into your water bottle. Several people have remarked that the Mini Squeeze isn't as efficient (read: fast), so the original Squeeze seems to be the way to go.

Bruce sets out in only 25 days and his blog is getting more attention as the date draws near. Visit his new site rtkchallenge.com to sign up and look around.

As always, we're grateful to our sponsor, Trailtopia. We wouldn't be able to consistenly produce these shows without their generous support.