Dec. 18, 2017

Episode #7 - Setting Records

Episode #7 - Setting Records

Keep your eye on the goal

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Bruce and Steve discuss the impact upon the trail that some of the super-fast hikers may have engendered. Bruce is a bit of a self-confessed Appalachian Trail nerd, with interest in the various hikers who have lowered the FKT records over the years.

He, of course, is hoping to set a record of his own. While the preparation for such a hike is extensive, Bruce has managed to put together a plan to raise $250,000 for the Appalachian Trail Conservancy. He recognizes that this may put further pressure on him but is determined to enjoy his hike first and foremost.

Steve has his own theory as to why Bruce sometimes seems a little reserved on the show. A recent encounter on the golf course informed his view and he shares it here.

With Christmas Day soon to be upon us, next week we'll have Bruce's wiife, Cheryl, and daughters, Brooke and Amy, to share their thoughts on his upcoming adventure.

Remember to visting our sponsors, Trailtopia, online as well as Bruce's site, Returning To Katahdin for more information.