Jan. 1, 2018

Episode #9 - Fear and Loathing on the Appalachian Trail

Episode #9 - Fear and Loathing on the Appalachian Trail

Watch out for that snake!!

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This week, we talk about the various fears–or maybe just concerns–that afflict hikers when they prepare to head out into the woods for six months. Bruce is so well prepared and has considered many of the things that may happen while he is away. Yet he still finds a few things that will make him keep a watchful eye, particularly in the first few weeks. Nobody takes on an adventure like this without a few niggling thoughts at the back of your mind.

For those who worry about animals; the tick is probably the worst one to come into contact with. Bears and snakes want no part of you, really, while moose will leave you with your mouth wide open in utter awe should you be lucky enough to run into one. My hiking buddies and I saw this little beauty in New Hampshire. Click here. For some reason, the stand-alone video of the moose seems to have disappeared from my YouTube account, so I've linked you to the spot where he appears in a longer film of my journey.

Rick Watts and Kristen Gardena got to ask their questions this week. I still need your address Rick.

We've got a bit of an experiment next week, with my own version of Desert Island Discs. Don't worry, it will all become clear on the show.

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