Dec. 11, 2017

Episode #6 - The Working Gear List

Episode #6 - The Working Gear List

Getting it all together

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Bruce and Steve discuss the possibility of boredom on the trail and how Bruce may cope with it should it arise. He has a "novel" solution to the problem. This question was from listener Eliza Newland, so thanks for that Eliza. She wins two of Trailtopia's scrumptious meals. Remember to keep sending in your questions as there'll be two meals given away each week.

After dealing with boredom, Bruce and Steve are all about the gear, with Bruce's planning acumen to the fore. He has what he calls a "Working Gear List" that records his various options, constantly refining those options until he is sure he has what he wants.

There are compromises to make, with the weight of something balanced against its utility value or even its status as a comfort item. With the focus constantly on getting to Katahdin, Bruce sees everything through that lens.

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