Feb. 26, 2018

Episode #17 - It begins!!

Episode #17 - It begins!!

Bruce and Cheryl at the top of Springer

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It has been a long time coming but Bruce is finally on his way. I spoke with him, along with his wife Cheryl on Saturday, 24 February as they prepared to hit the Approach Trail at Amicolola Falls State Park. All the preparation had lead to this and Bruce was ready to go. How lovely it must have been for him when two listeners of the show, Robert and Margaret Thomas showed up to wish them Happy Trails. What a kind gesture that was.


After taking in the atmosphere at the bottom of the mountain and registering as the 292nd hiker of the 2018 season, Bruce and Cheryl set off. Several hours later, carrying day packs and fresher than I expected, they got to the top and had the obligatory picture by the famous green plaque. I often look at my version of this and I always smile.

So he's away!

Late on Sunday, I also had a brief chat with Cheryl as she returned home. She'd become a little emotional as he left and even recorded the scene. Click the link below to see his first steps with his full pack.