March 26, 2018

Episode #21 - Week Four

Episode #21 - Week Four

Let it snow, let it snow

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We had a few communications problems this week, with dropped calls, interrupted sessions and even the mowing crew outside my home causing a few editing difficulties. Despite this, Bruce is making strong progress, passing the 300 mile mark and well past Hot Springs.

To give you some idea of the weather that he has faced, this photo shows his tent after a nighttime snowfall.


It has not all been cold days and nights. When we spoke on Tuesday, Bruce had found a good spot to chat on the top of Snowbird Mountain.


A listener, John Dupras, came up with a burning question for Bruce, so much so that he had to take something of a timeout to formulate his response. If you're reading this, John, thanks for the question and please send me your email so that I can get a couple of meals sent to you.

The Hiking Radio Network published two new shows this week. First, Anna Huthmaker, the inspirational woman who started Trail Dames, is starting her own show. Anna is interviewing strong, equally inspirational women for her monthly show. The Trail Dames Podcast is available on iTunes and wherever you find your posdcasts.

Jessica "Dixie" Mills is the star of our other new offering. Dixie "LIVE" on the Continental Divide Trail is our attempt to get as close as possible to a live broadcast from the trail. Dixie starts her journey in the next week to ten days and the first three episodes, about her preparations for the hike, are free to listeners at this link. 

From April 1, all our podcasts will be found under and Dixie's shows will be published at least twice a week whenever possible. This show is a premium show and will be available at $4 per month to subscribers. If you have ANY questions about this please email me at

In the show I mentioned a suggestion from a listener, Bill Ruddy. Bill wanted me to remind people of the other reason for Bruce's hike; the purpose beyond self. Bruce is trying to raise $250,000 for the Appalachian Trail Conservancy, so I've put the direct link to Bruce's donation page on the ATC's website. Just click this DONATEbutton and you'll be directed to the site. Thanks for anything that you can afford.

Don't forget to visit Bruce's hike page at, where you will also findr our podcasty. While you’re online, we’d also be delighted if you’d check out and consider the wonderful food choices that they have for your next hike.