April 9, 2018

Episode #23 - Week Six

Episode #23 - Week Six

Into his stride

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Bruce has reached Damascus and is resting for a couple of zero days, taking in the Masters Golf Tournament on TV at the same time. He is expressing confidence in what he has learned on the trail to this stage and feels that Damascus is the end of the beginning. 

We talk about his Winter Supplement; those items specifically chosen to help him cope with the cold should there be any. So far, snow, rain, and cold have been the predominant weather characteristics, so he remains grateful to his preparation.

Don't forget to follow Bruce's YouTube channel if you'd like to see some of the dreadful weather Bruce has been facing, and read his blog, at RTKchallenge.com for more insights and pictures (as we don't seem to have any this week).

As always, we are so grateful for the generosity and support of Trailtopia in their support for our shows.