May 7, 2018

Episode #27 - Week Ten

Episode #27 - Week Ten

The Incredible Shrinking Man

Bruce continues to shed weight as he pushes past the 800-mile mark with his boundless enthusiasm and positivity. Having come to his home state of Virginia, he is joined on the trail with Cheryl, his wife, along with a few more friends. They recently hiked together up to the iconic MacAfee Knob, taking in Tinker Cliffs as a wonderful extra bonus for the day.

You can see the weight loss on Bruce in this great shot with Cheryl.

A few miles further along, after MacAfee Knob, the wonderful Tinker Cliffs afford you a magnificent panorama as you hike close to the edge. I loved it there, as did Bruce.

We had a bit of a technical issue on Sunday morning, so I ended up chatting with Bruce in the configuration below. I do not recommend it.

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Bruce reminded listeners how they can contribute to his goal of raising funds for the Appalachian Trail Conservancy. Click on the link below to go straight to the page set up for these donations.