June 4, 2018

Episode #31 - Week Fourteen

Episode #31 - Week Fourteen

Bear alert!!

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Now back into the swing of things, Bruce has passed the halfway mark and is into Pennsylvania. He hasn't been fully tested by the rocks yet but has had a few early "tasters" to give him some idea of what is to come.

He has at last seen some wildlife, so Bruce and Steve discuss the beauty of animals in the wild. From the sublime to the ridiculous, he also took part in the time-honored tradition of the Half-Gallon Challenge.

Thanks to Annie Chavent for her question about how, or whether, Bruce chooses his distractions on the trail. Make sure you get your address to me to take advantage of the free Trailtopia meals.

Remember to catch up with Bruce's blog at RTKChallenge.com and don't forget to take the opportunity to support our sponsor, Trailtopia, when you consider your next backpacking trip. Go to https://www.trailtopia.com/ to check out their wide variety of meals.