June 11, 2018

Episode #32 - Week Fifteen

Episode #32 - Week Fifteen

Unphased by Rocksylvania

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With Bruce deep into Pennsylvania, Steve was expecting this week to have been especially challenging for him. However, just as he's faced every adversity in the past, Bruce has managed his way through the rocks and reached Port Clinton. He's even seen more wildlife.

While he is nowhere near finished with the state (or, perhaps, the state has nowhere finished with him), he has invited a buddy to hike with him on the notorious Knife's Edge and the exciting but challenging climb up from Lehigh Gap.

I forgot to thank Samuel Cutshall for his interesting question for Bruce on faith. As always, you got a considered answer, Samuel. Please let me have your home address so that I can get Trailtopia to send a couple of meals your way.

Don't be like me and forget–to follow Bruce's journal and YouTube channel.

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