June 25, 2018

Episode #34 - Week Seventeen

Episode #34 - Week Seventeen

New York bares its teeth

Hoping for somewhat of a respite from Pennsylvania, Bruce had a tough time in one of the New York sections, skipping it temporarily when the forecast showed 100% chance of rain. As always, his instincts seemed spot on, and he has made it up and over Bear Mountain, one of the bigger climbs in New York.

We discuss the differences between hiking the AT now and hiking it back in the 40s and 50s, prompted by a smart question from one of our listeners. Then, in a couple of quickfire questions, Bruce came up with his best and worst moments, and places, so far.

We spoke again yesterday (Sunday) when Bruce confirmed my recollection of a horrendous climb down from Arden Mountain. I knew I hadn't been making it up!!

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