July 2, 2018

Episode #35 - Week Eighteen

Episode #35 - Week Eighteen

Yet another hiking buddy

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Bruce and his daughter, Brook, shared a couple of days hiking in New York this week.  So, after chatting with Bruce, I also had a word with Brooke about her father's almost serene progress. Water has started to become more scarce, with planning vital to avoid a parched six or seven miles.

Bruce has found great value in the Guthooks Guide on his phone, with updates on where water can–and can't–be found. He also realized that the rocks weren't quite finished yet!

Eric Tomorrow came up with this week's question about unexpected places Bruce had discovered. The timing couldn't have been better as Bruce found one the day before we spoke. Don't forget, Eric, we need your address. Send it to steve@hikingradionetwork.com and Trailtopia will send you two of their delicious meals.

By the time you hear the show, our man will be into his 10th state.

We hope that you take the opportunity to support our sponsor, Trailtopia, when you consider your next backpacking trip. Go to https://www.trailtopia.com/ to check out their wide variety of meals.